Magnetic drilling machine Steyr-35

The design of the newest machine STEYR-35 of Austrian company LENZ GmbH is developed taking into account the experience gained during the operation of drilling machines of different models. Highly efficient, ergonomic and extremely reliable machine tool.

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Lenz Steyr-35

Double rail guide system

Eliminates backlash even during prolonged use, increases tool life by 40%. The highest rigidity of the guide allows you to drill holes up to 110 mm deep.

Lenz Steyr-35

Stroke adjustment

The drive can be fixed at any height of the guide, which provides a record for the machines of this class range of 210 mm.

Lenz Steyr-35

Air entrance

The air entrances are constructed to prevent liquids 
or dirt from entering the motor.

Lenz Steyr-35

Automatic coolant system

Cutting fluid flows automatically directly into the core drill, which can significantly increase the tool life.

Lenz Steyr-35

Ergonomic handles

New user-friendly handles provide excellent control and smooth feeding.

Technical data

General characteristics
Input voltage 220-240 V
Total power consumption 1 100 W
Magnetic clamping force 10 000 N
Adapter Weldon 19
Rotation speed 450 rpm
Stroke 210 mm
Length / width 300/150 mm
Height 400 mm
Weight 10,5 kg


  • Safety belt
  • Hex keys × 3
  • Rubber seals × 2
  • Coolant bottle with hose