Magnetic drilling machine Steyr-125

STEYR-125 is the new machine in 2019 in the model range of LENZ magnetic machines.

The most powerful machine in the product line. The machine is designed to make holes with a diameter of up to 125 mm and a depth of up to 100 mm, as well as boring and countersinking. Suitable for working in harsh conditions and at high loads. It has a special design to achieve maximum rigidity, has a large power reserve. Like all magnetic machines of the company LENZ STEYR-125 is distinguished by high quality workmanship, reliability and excellent ergonomics.

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Technical data

General characteristics
Input voltage 220 V
Total power consumption 2 500 W
Magnetic clamping force 20 000 N
Core drilling max Ø 125 mm
Twist drilling max Ø 42 mm
Countersinking max Ø 80 mm
Cutting depth 100 mm
Spindle MT4
Rotation speed 80/125/175/300 rpm
Stroke 220 mm
Magnetic foot 280×115×56,5 mm
Length 440 mm
Width 250 mm
Height 580 mm
Weight 36,5 kg


  • Cooling system.
  • Safety belt.
  • Drill chuck KM4 / Weldon 19.
  • Allen keys 2.5, 5, 6.
  • Wedge for knocking out a cartridge.
  • 3 feed handles