Annular cutters, LZRHS

Weldon 19

Core drill for drilling a rail. Drills with a shank Weldon 19, which is the most popular among those used in machines on a magnetic base. It is a cylinder with two horizontal platforms for mounting.

Annular cutters

Technical data

d1,mm Article L, mm Shank Suitable ejector pins Eject pin size
22 LZRHS-022 30 Weldon 19 LZEP-7090 7,98×90
30 LZRHS-030 30 Weldon 19 LZEP-7090 7,98×90
34 LZRHS-034 30 Weldon 19 LZEP-7090 7,98×90
36 LZRHS-036 30 Weldon 19 LZEP-7090 7,98×90

Application ejector pins 2-piece

Why using 2-part ejector pins? Usually, standard morse taper holders have a cutting depth capacity of 50 mm. If no extra-long holders are used, you need for drill depths above 50 mm 2-part ejector pins.

Insert piece 1 into the annular cutter shank. Push piece 2 onto part 1. Drill as deep as 50 mm cutting depth. Then remove piece 2 and continue drilling.